Svikhart & Associates

A Unique and Specialized Real Estate Services Firm

Svikhart & Associates focuses on the ‘Midrange Tier’ of apartment properties in Utah which is defined as assets with 10 – 60 units

Svikhart & Associates believes this segment of the market is underserved by real estate advisory firms and brokerages alike

Svikhart & Associates assists Owners in unlocking each property’s true potential by identifying and maximizing all aspects of property and asset management


Svikhart & Associates

David Svikhart has nearly 40 years of commercial real estate experience and has consummated thousands of closings over the course of his career. Not only does Svikhart & Associates know how to get deals closed, more importantly, the firm knows how to critically analyze and improve property operations resulting in increased cash flow and property value.
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David Svikhart

Svikhart & Associates places the client’s interest ahead of all else...there is nothing more important to the firm than its fiduciary responsibilities to the clients it serves

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