Dr. Peter Linneman – A Mind On the Markets

I highly recommend you carve out an hour for yourself to watch Dr. Peter Linneman’s quarterly review of markets, trends and forecasts in CRE. A strong focus of this episode is on multifamily wherein Dr. Linneman addresses lending/LTVs, rent growth, changing cap rates, and per unit sales pricing, to name but a few topics.
Svikhart & Associates, a Salt Lake City-based real estate services company, focuses on asset management and the entire scope of a multifamily  investment. Specific diligence is on property operations and strategies to maximize asset performance and value. Additionally, the firm assists owners regarding economic, financial and market factors that impact returns on investment. The firm targets ‘Mid-Tier’ assets (10-to-60-unit properties) and provides a full range of brokerage services for property listing and sale.
Please find us at svikhart.com or contact us at 801-550-5684 to learn about the real estate services the firm provides.
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