The Inaugural Blog Post From Svikhart & Associates

This is the inaugural blog post from Svikhart & Associates and the firm’s Principal and Founder, Dave Svikhart.

I created Svikhart & Associates to help owners of multifamily apartments comprised of 10 to 60 units maximize the value of their assets. Why properties with 10 to 60 units? I feel this is an underserved property class that is often times ignored by both large national brokerage firms along with small local brokers.
Svikhart & Associates is best characterized as a real estate services firm. We understand that successful multifamily ownership depends on a variety of factors including on-going investment analysis, disciplined budgeting, on-site operations review, comprehensive market knowledge, energy management, capital expenditure analysis, along with maintaining strong landlord/tenant relationships.
And our focus isn’t limited only to your real estate. We track activity in the broad market and its submarkets. We follow economic trends, changes in lending, demographics, new multifamily development, and a raft of other indices, events and occurrences both locally and nationally that have a direct impact on your apartment property.
The primary objective of the firm is to provide unparalleled service to our clients. We want to be primary resource for apartment owners relative to, what is for many, the single largest investment they will make in their lifetime.
Please find us at or contact me directly at 801-550-5684 to learn more about the firm and the services we provide.

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